DM Regnskab is owned by Daniela Lusso and Maria Johansen.


We know, from many years of experience, that itís important to keep order in your administration when it relates to booking and accounting jobs, personnel administration etc.


Our goal is to deliver the required guidance with our personal involvement as well as an exceptional service based on a good understanding and communication with our customers.


We are ready to be a sparring partner for small and middle sized companies by offering everything within booking that might ease the daily work in the company. That way you can focus on optimizing the earnings.


We try to be as flexible as possible. This means that we can do the work in our own office using our accounting system. We can also come out to your companyís office and use your system. We can do partially or full booking and accounting jobs.


We can deliver the following services:

         Personnel and salary administration

         Bookkeeping and accounting

         Moms (VAT) calculations

         Managing and controlling the debtors

         Managing and controlling the creditors

         Managing and controlling the bank

         Tax reporting to Skat

         Balancing of the accounts (monthly, quarterly, early)

         Closing balance

         General financial guidance

         Assistance reg. starting a new business


We also offer our services as subcontractor for other accounting companies and certified public accountants.







We can be contacted on:


DM Regnskab

Karensgade 9

2500 Valby

Phone no: 71 75 70 60 dmregnskab@dmregnskab.dk









   DM Regnskab